Carolina and Giorgio

We are two young, energetic people striving to make a difference in the field of carpentry. Our concept of dynamic joinery ensures that we take care of the whole creative process: from the design of furniture to its manufacturing. Playfulness and mannerisms come together and blend in with our functional, down-to-earth style. In other words: we get to design with dirty hands.



Work is our top priority, and that’s why we only join forces with people who put their heart and soul into what they do. We deem it fundamental to establish balanced relationships, where the exchange of expertise and know-how is beneficial to both sides, driving our creativity and nurturing the development of open, curious minds.

Franco Bevilacqua

carpenter, our ‘Maitre’

Andrea Livietti

blacksmith and architect

Alessandro Mangiagalli

wood supplier and parquetry layer

Being a carpenter doesn’t mean depriving trees of life.

Indeed, carpenters are responsible for ensuring trees are given a new life under a different form. Carpentry implies respect for trees, and appreciating the decades contained within their stately trunks.

As carpenters and designers, we dedicate our body, mind and soul to this job.

Designers don’t waste raw materials. They plan and create objects meant to last forever. Handmade furniture is proof that something good has been created.

Being designers means having to navigate upstream, holding fast against the here-today-gone-tomorrow fads of disposable fashions and trends.
As designers, we must be brave enough to throw a stone into the ocean today, so that it might generate a wave to be ridden in the future, on the other side of the world.

We believe this is what confers dignity on our job, day after day.

Giorgio and Carolina


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